by Kinky Machine

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released 16 July 2014



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Track Name: grok
power drunk and dozing deep
sucking on the aether's teat
the white giant kept the flame under glass
shadow flooded everything
one day we woke, we had ice in our veins
we up and stole the hallowed flame
history wore our footprint
the future called our names

we hadn't noticed that the thread had come undone
confident the war was won
wild naked on the wide open plains
blowing kisses at the sun
passage collapsed, we can never go back
we stare the mirror in the eye
orbit around the reason, turn on the axis why

i looked up and i saw you flash by
like a glitch in time
like a marfa light
and i felt questions pumping through my blood
from my brain to my foot
from my heart to my mouth
i don't know very much but i know this
to be happy is a risk that you won't know shit
such is the will to deny
even though you kept it in mind
oh, it all gets drowned in the waves of the heart
and returns as desire
Track Name: soldiers face
strange animal noises fill up yer dreams
a fire burns brightly in your mind's eye
brilliant lights signal to you from far away
what could it all mean?

you took the role with the best of intentions
now it has come to be a form of addiction
you sparkle bright, you're a jewel of perdition
wake up your sleeping soul, don't be cut out

so unafraid, see me stand with a soldier's face

this moment is pregnant with forbidden love
the ocean is swollen with deep desire
what we are and what we could be; so far away
what could it all mean?

love's spirit possesses me, i feel no pain